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SYNTHETIK Legions Rising, is a top down rogue like shooter which focuses on gun play and randomized items, equipment, and levels to offer a wonderfully replayable experience. SYNTHETIK is a rogue-like game which means that the game revolves around “runs” which are essentially attempts to beat the game with each run being different.

The Class Selection Menu

The game allows for customization of runs in a few different ways as well, firstly it has a class system which allows one to choose between eight different classes. Each one offers different benefits and abilities as well as being especially proficient with certain weapon types.

An Example of Early Game Combat

Each weapon in game can come in several different types, in addition to being modified by weapon attachments which while randomly generated, the player gets the option between three for each upgrade they get on a weapon.

A Weapon With A Special Variant

Items or equipment collected also can be upgraded further to improve it and allow for further customization of a build during a run. These systems in conjunction with the multiplayer coop offered by the game make Synthetik an absolute blast to play and with a price tag of only 20 dollars on steam I highly recommend the game.

The only word of warning I could possibly offer is the game’s mechanics may take some time to get used to but once you get in the swing of things the game is well worth your time and money. Doubly so when you have a friend to play it with.