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Risk Of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a third person action rogue-like set in a science fiction setting with a deep emphasis on collecting items which stack infinitely. To very briefly touch upon the story, which is mostly left to the player to find via item descriptions and inferences involves a ship which has come to the aid of a distress beacon on an uncharted planet. Upon reaching the surface you can find debris and the cargo of the previous ship, but there were no survivors.

The Character Selection Screen

The main gameplay loop is rather simple, choose a character, drop to the planet and then enemies spawn around the map, killing them gives you money which lets you get items. Once you have gotten some items and feel ready you activate the teleporter, fight a boss and advance to the next level. The twist and really addictive part of this game is how those items interact.

The first item of a particular run.

As previously mentioned, all items stack infinitely, as well as interact with one another in ways which can make your character nearly unkillable, or conversely able to kill even the strongest bosses in mere seconds. This is counteracted somewhat by the items you get being random, and the difficulty of the game increasing the longer you stay alive.

This all culminates in the second to final level where one can choose whether or not they wish to teleport to the final boss’ level or teleport back to the beginning essentially redoing the run with all the difficulty increases and items staying.

A boss fight/teleporter event.

The game also features up to 4 player cooperative, and on PC, a healthy modding community which can even further add challenge, or entertainment to the already amazing experience. On Steam the game is sold for $24.99, with the Survivors of the Void DLC expansion being another $14.99, both going on sale relatively frequently. For that price and with the hundreds of hours or replay ability I recommend this game to anyone interested in gaming, especially those who love games to play with friends or rogue like games.